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Dr. Marcus J. Blue

Located in the heart of the Aspen and Roaring Fork Valley, Blue Periodontics helps to ensure that you understand all of your treatment possibilities, and to create a positive, realistic treatment outcome. With the use of a state-of-the-art CT scanner located in the office providing full 3-D reconstruction, treatment planning becomes very visual and tangible. 


Time is always taken to communicate all of the patient’s treatment options and to help guide the patient in determining which avenue best suits his/her case.


Dr. Marcus Blue is a published author in current periodontal journals and has helped pioneer innovative and progressive techniques specializing in bone regeneration. 

Dr. Blue currently lectures on dental implants, soft and hard tissue grafting procedures, intra-oral plastic surgery, and periodontal regeneration.

“With today’s current research and undeniable wealth of literature, periodontal health becomes one of complete necessity to your over-all well-being. Whether you are speaking of cardiovascular health, diabetic states, pregnancy, arthritis, or hormone replacement therapies (to name a few) — ALL have a systemic impact that can and will affect your over-all health. Therefore, it becomes imperative to not view the body as individual systems, rather — one body with many interconnected parts.”

Dr. Marcus Blue is an avid cyclist, runner, and skier.

White Branch


Dental Implants
Replacing teeth can be a straight forward easy process
Gum Grafting
Receding gums can be unsightly and painful . . . we can help!
Whether broken, fractured, or wisdom teeth we've got you covered
Bone Grafting
Rebuilding and regenerating lost bone helps to give you the proper foundation
Gum Disease
1 in 2 Americans experiences some form of periodontitis. Let an experienced specialist guide you through the process
Esthetic Crown Lengthening
Correction of a "gummy smile" or too much gum tissue is an easy process





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