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"As if it never happened"


With over a decade proudly serving the Roaring Fork Valley, thousands of implants placed with an over 93% success rate, Dr. Marcus Blue is a specialized and board certified dentist that focuses heavily on full mouth health and regeneration opportunities. Having completed dental school at the University of Missouri - Kansas City, he then went on to complete a 3-year surgery residency in Periodontics which heavily focused on oral reconstruction and esthetics. A published author in current periodontal journals, Dr. Blue has helped pioneer innovative and progressive techniques in bone regeneration, and lectures on biologics and specialized dental implants that most accurately mimic natural teeth.  

Each case is uniquely different and so time is always taken to communicate all of the patient’s treatment options to create the best possible long-term solution for each patient.

“With today’s current research and undeniable wealth of literature, periodontal health becomes one of complete necessity to your over-all well-being. Whether you are speaking of cardiovascular health, diabetic states, pregnancy, arthritis, or hormone replacement therapies (to name a few) — ALL have a systemic impact that can and will affect your over-all health. Therefore, it becomes imperative to not view the body as individual systems, rather — one body with many interconnected parts.”

Dr. Marcus Blue is an avid cyclist, runner, and skier.

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