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Am I a Candidate for Implants?

Missing teeth can cause numerous complications when it comes to basic tasks like speaking or eating. Whether it is due to gum disease, tooth decay, or just old age, missing teeth should be replaced to improve your quality of life. There are several tooth replacement options available to patients depending on their oral health; some patients may require conventional dentures while others may be better suited for prosthetic implants.

Here at Blue Periodontics, we work with each patient to find a solution that works for everybody. Not all patients are good candidates for dental implants, and in this article, we will be discussing which patients are suited for implants and which are not. If you are missing one or more teeth, read on to find out if you are a proper candidate for dental implants.

Who needs implants

Of course, those who should be considered for dental implants are those who are missing teeth or those who will be having teeth removed and need implants to fill the gaps. If you meet this criterion, then you are already a potential candidate for implants. This includes those who are missing a single tooth as well as those who are missing several teeth.

However, other factors should be considered when assessing whether or not implants are right for you. Conditions such as gum health, bone strength, and the health of adjacent teeth should also be considered in determining if implants are right for you. Even if implants are a suitable treatment plan for a patient, these factors will decide what type of implants should be used.

Which implants are right for me?

The first thing that should be taken into account when deciding which implant option to get is how many teeth are missing. If it is just a single tooth, then one dental implant may be right for you. If your bone structure is too weak, or if your gums are not healthy enough to support an implant, then our dentists might recommend a bridge instead. A bridge anchors to the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth, so if your bone structure cannot support an implant this might be a better option.

If you are missing several teeth, then you may require implant-supported dentures or all-on-four dentures. Both of these dentures are full-arch prosthetics that attach to titanium screws that are permanently fixed to your mouth. The only difference is that implant-supported dentures are removable, making them a better option for people who want to remove the dentures for cleaning or to sleep at night.

A member of our team will determine if your oral health is suitable for these types of implants. If your jaw cannot support the implants, then conventional dentures might be your only choice. Conventional dentures do not rely upon implants for support, so in theory, almost anybody can wear them without causing further damage to their mouth.

Deciding whether or not implants are right for you is not always obvious. Call Blue Periodontics at (970) 678-3473 to set up an appointment today. Our team of experts will help you determine which, if any, implants are the best option for you.
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