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Recessed gums are not just a cosmetic issue. Gums that are severely receded can expose parts of the tooth that make it sensitive to changes in temperatures and collision with food particles. A receded gum line can be caused by several factors and should be treated before more dental problems occur that need a more serious intervention to treat. If receded gumlines are not treated in time, the surrounding teeth can even fall out.

At Blue Periodontics, we take receded gumlines seriously and believe that you should too. One solution for receded gumlines is a gum graft. While gingival contouring often involves the removal of parts of the gumline to reshape the contour of the gums, gum grafting adds gumline to the mouth. If you think that you may need a gum graft, then continue reading to find out more information on the subject.

What causes a receded gum line?

A gumline can become receded for numerous reasons. It may just be genetics that causes your gums to be excessively pulled back. In other cases, it can be caused by severe bruxism or trauma to the teeth. Aggressive brushing can even cause the gums to start to recede over time from the pressure that is constantly being placed on them.

In more severe cases, gums can begin receding in later stages of periodontitis, or gum disease. In periodontitis, tartar is deposited into the gumline and bacteria are allowed to enter the jaw. The bacteria begin to decay the underlying structures of the tooth, which may cause the gumline to draw backward. For reasons we are about to get into, this causes more dental issues.

Why should you treat receded gums?

A receded gumline leaves parts of the tooth exposed that normally are not. This includes the root of the tooth. If the root of the tooth is exposed, then the tooth will become extremely sensitive to hot or cold substances, including air, and will cause pain and irritation to the patient.

If this part of the tooth is exposed, it also creates an opportunity for even more bacteria to enter the gums. If your gumline has receded because of bacterial infection and even more bacteria enter because of it, then it causes a cycle of infection that needs to be treated immediately.

What is the procedure for gum grafting?

The goal of gum grafting is to stretch the gumline or add tissue to the gumline so that it covers more of the affected tooth. This involves taking tissue from other parts of the mouth, such as the palate or areas of the mouth where the gums are thicker and attaching it to the existing gumline with sutures. Tissue can also be taken from a tissue bank if the patient cannot sacrifice any part of the existing tissue in their mouth.

In the case of stretching the gums, a small incision is made to the gums on either side of the tooth. This incision allows the dentist or oral surgeon to grab onto the gum and stretch it farther over the tooth. Sutures will be used to hold the gum in place.

Gum grafting is a procedure that can be performed for either cosmetic or medicinal reasons. Our experienced team of dental professionals can make your gumline look natural and healthy. If you are considering a gum graft, call Blue Periodontics at (970) 678-3473 to receive more information and set up an appointment today.
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